Video: Atlantic France, a great place to get ahead!

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We have recently released a video showcasing the many assets of Atlantic France. The region offers great conditions for investing, working, enjoying a pleasant living environment, and for succeeding in your business.

If you are looking for the ideal location for your company, Atlantic France is emerging as a compelling contender. In our latest promotional video, we highlight the key reasons why our region stands out.

A rich business landscape

Atlantic France boasts a dynamic business landscape, which is home to both small and large enterprises. The region’s entrepreneurial spirit is palpable, and is driven by forward-thinking business leaders who continually push the boundaries of innovation. This environment promotes collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing, creating a fertile ground for business growth and development.

Opportunities in many fields

Our region has made cutting-edge industries a priority, such as food and agrifood, industry 4.0, aeronautics, sailing, marine renewables, AI, robotics/cobotics, electronics and IoT, logistics, virtual and augmented reality, etc. If your company belongs to one of these sectors or can be a provider for these players, you should consider setting up a business here.

First-class industrial facilities

One of the key advantages of Atlantic France is its state-of-the-art industrial facilities. The region offers entrepreneurs access to various resources for manufacturing or research and development, helping you to scale your business with ease.

Talent and workforce potential

Entrepreneurs need to invest significant effort and resources in attracting and retaining qualified professionals. Atlantic France possesses a talented and dedicated workforce, driven by top-notch educational institutions.

A great place to live

Last but not least, Atlantic France offers an exceptional quality of life for both entrepreneurs and their teams. Situated along the captivating Atlantic coastline, the region is renowned for its beaches, its historic castles, and a rich gastronomic and oenological heritage.

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