Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

The figures talk for themselves

€ 125 million of public funds invested in the industry of the future


Great business opportunities on offer

Great because industry thrives in our region with its wide range of sectors: aeronautics, agrifood, shipbuilding, leisure marine, electronics and energy. A particular feature is the range of businesses of all shapes and sizes (French industry flagships, large corporations, medium-sized family businesses, small businesses, startups).

Great because in Pays de la Loire we offer a supportive and skilled business environment with strong and flexible networks. It’s the ideal backdrop for getting your innovation projects off the ground and bringing them to fruition.

Great because our region offers support schemes to help businesses become more competitive: This includes the “Regional Industry of the Future Plan” and its annual call for expressions of interest which helps establish practical ways to modernise small businesses.

Other support schemes help businesspeople innovate in the industry of the future: small business grants, guarantees, digital investment, equity holding, innovation support, etc.

  • The application form for the call for expressions of interest can be found here.( in French only)

Is your need different? Let’s look at its business potential.


Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters


The French industrial cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies

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The reference cluster of digital innovation (Intelligent territory, smart home, e-education and e-health …)


Promotes and develops business and innovation in automotive industry

Business clusters


Brings together 235 members from 130 professions, covers more than 300 skill sets and spans 45 markets


Business cluster of mechanical sector and materials


Brings together businesses in the electronics sector and users from all sectors.

Innovation platforms


An association and network for promoting, disseminating and sharing the culture of user-centric design in business and industry, whatever the sector involved or size of business.


An organization serving manufacturers, bringing together companies in the robotics sector

Technocampus Smart Factory

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to industrial uses of virtual reality

Technocampus Composites

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to composite manufacturing

Academic and technological resources

Academic resources

  • Arts et Métiers Angers: This engineering school provides courses to develop the skills that are essential for meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s industry and to participate in technological developments (transport, health, energy and construction).
  • Centrale Nantes: This engineering school is a Grande Ecole and trains engineers to a very high level. Students are equipped with a strong managerial ethos and taught to appreciate the wider environmental and societal dimensions to the scientific subjects they study.
  • ESTACA: This engineering school provides courses in all transport sectors: aeronautics, automotive, space, urban transport and rail.
  • IMT Atlantique: This engineering school provides courses in the convergence of digital technology, energy and environment
  • Nantes Atlantique Design School: a private institution for higher education dedicated to design professions, in association with the University of Nantes

Technological resources

  • CETIM: National technology institute and founding member of Alliance Industrie du Futur providing technical and scientific services in mechanical engineering, innovation and advanced manufacturing
  • CTTM: Technology transfer centre specialising in acoustics and vibrations, materials, biological and medical engineering, and design engineering
  • GeM: Research laboratory specialising in mechanics, civil engineering and marine technology
  • IMN Jean Rouxel: Research institute with five research teams: Materials physics and nanostructures; Plasmas and thin films; Electrochemical energy storage and conversion; innovative optical materials; Photovoltaics, storage, materials engineering and metallurgy
  • IRT Jules Verne: Mutualised research institute dedicated to the industry of the future, seeking to boost competitiveness in strategic industries by disruptive fabrication technologies
  • LAUM: Laboratory specialising in audible range acoustics and in new research areas relating to vibrations and ultrasound
  • LS2N: Laboratory which brings together 450 people working at the heart of the digital world. Its aim is to put cybernetics and IT research in Nantes squarely on the map, and participate fully in the digital revolution in our society today

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28 January

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The show presents and promotes innovative techniques and technologies that create value and the future of industrial development. 28 - 30 January 2020
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