You can find here every useful documents to help you set up in Atlantic France !

The guide to the major trends
in manufacturing in 2022

Discover our observations on the major industry trends and challenges of 2022 and beyond.

The goal of this document? To provide the key to understanding and seizing these issues in order to transform them into development opportunities.

Our guide is aimed at industrial companies wishing to make the transition to the industry of the future and at those offering solutions for the development of an ever more agile, responsive, efficient, resilient and carbon-free industry.

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The guide of Hydrogen
in Atlantic France.

More than ever, hydrogen is at the centre of the news and is proving to be an essential link in the energy transition. The exponential development of this sector should make renewable hydrogen become competitive sooner than expected which will help to sustainably decarbonise our economy. In Atlantic France, a large number of projects are emerging and the revolution is already underway, both of which are driven by the collective dynamism of players from across the value chain.

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Specification Model

We offer you a model specification document to help you formalize your needs and constraints: functional requirements and technical specifications of the future building, resources needed and qualifications sought, schedule, budget…

This document is essential, particularly for your contacts who will be responsible for helping you find the ideal site.

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Turnkey land & property

In this guide, you’ll find our selection of exceptional real estate and land to help you accelerate your business start-up project in Atlantic France!

You’ll find a detailed description of each site: location, surface area, prices, information on the ecosystem and accessibility…

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Aeronautics in Atlantic France

Atlantic France plays a pivotal role in the aerospace industry, with a dynamic ecosystem that drives innovation and business collaboration. In this context, competition for leadership is fierce but full of opportunities.

The region’s historical ties to the aeronautics sector have laid a strong foundation for its current and future endeavours. Home to established aerospace companies and innovative startups, Atlantic France is committed to fostering an environment conducive to technological advancement and industry growth.

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Marine renewables in Atlantic France

Home to the first French offshore wind farm, the Atlantic France region is positioning itself as a national leader in marine energy. Download our study to learn more about the sector’s stakes and opportunities.

Atlantic France is at the forefront of marine renewable energies and leads the way in France. Since 2021, it has consistently ranked as the top region across all key economic criteria, including the number of jobs, sales, and investments.

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Digital technology in Atlantic France

digital technology

Atlantic France is at the forefront of digital transformation. With a dynamic ecosystem and a robust network of innovation partners, the region is an ideal location to set up a digital business. Download our guide now to learn more.

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