Artificial Intelligence

The figures talk for themselves

The 1st Microsoft Experiences Lab and a Microsoft AI School opened in Nantes


Great business opportunities on offer

Great because there is plenty of use for artificial intelligence in the region’s business and industry leaders.

Great because of the local talent pool working with businesses, universities and labs.

Great because the regional authorities are investing in the healthcare of the future, industry 4.0, smart mobility, smart grids and marine renewable energy.

Great because our regional key-players can manage both hard and soft AI technologies.

Great because our communities have a long history of working together and they take the subject head on: raising awareness, sharing ideas, organising events, working on proof of concept, developing research projects…

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Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters

Images & Réseaux

The reference cluster of digital innovation (Intelligent territory, smart home, e-education and e-health …)


The French industrial cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies

Business clusters


AI advocacy group working for ethical and responsible artificial intelligence that is accessible to all.

Innovation platforms

Atlanstic 2020

brings together the regional digital sciences ecosystem to rise to the challenges of the digital revolution


An organization serving manufacturers, bringing together companies in the robotics sector


Technology resource centre specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality and emerging technologies

Technological resources

  • Atlanstic 2020: combines research, training and innovation across the region to address the challenges of today’s digital revolution.
    • AI research teams drawing on skills from across the whole region and specialising in natural language processing and AI algorithms.
    • Strong critical mass of 130 permanent teaching and research staff working on AI and AI applications.
  • CAPACITÉS-IA: brings together scientific capabilities (LS2N laboratory) and engineering expertise (CAPACITÉS SAS): deep learning, predictive analysis, image recognition, warning and diagnostic systems and big data
  • CEA Tech: Technology transfer platform, speeding innovation for industry and developing programs on AI and robotics/cobotics
  • LARIS: This laboratory works in three ICT areas – system automation, image signals and reliability – with applications for the plant sector, healthcare and information science
  • LERIA: This laboratory works in two areas that are closely connected with IT: artificial intelligence and combinatorial optimisation. Its research involves the development of models and formalisms for knowledge management and the design and application of optimisation algorithms for resolving combinatorial problems
  • LIUM: Since its creation, this laboratory’s main research themes have been human learning and language and speech technology
  • LS2N: Laboratory which brings together 450 people working at the heart of the digital world. Its aim is to put cybernetics and IT research in Nantes squarely on the map, and participate fully in the digital revolution in our society today
  • ICI Centrale Nantes: aims to become both a resource centre and a research and skills centre. The supercomputing facility at Centrale Nantes, set up under the region’s ConnectTalent project, will be one France’s leading regional centres of high performance computing. The facility will be able to achieve higher levels of accuracy than ever before and thus bring out significant transformation and unleash innovation

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