The figures talk for themselves

The 1st French Microsoft Experiences Lab and a Microsoft AI School opened in Nantes

130 permanent teaching and research staff

working on AI applications

Great business opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Great because you will find both clients and high quality partners

Many business opportunities are waiting for you in Atlantic France, as our industry leaders are increasing the adoption of artificial intelligence technology. Set up near them and become one of their providers!

You will also have the possibility to boost your development by partnering with our leading regional companies, knowing that our key-players can manage both hard and soft AI technologies.

Great for the digital talent pool and the innovative R&D facilities

Atlantic France offers a solid talent pool to choose from, thanks to our cutting-edge research labs and top-ranking universities & engineering schools. It should be noted that Microsoft chose Nantes to set up its 1st French experiences lab and AI school in 2019.

Besides this, our innovation clusters and platforms are bringing together the regional AI stakeholders to face the challenge of the digital revolution. Locating yourself in Atlantic France therefore means benefiting from this favourable environment to boost your development.

Great because strong public support allows the AI sector to grow fast

In Atlantic France, the regional authorities are dedicating a sizeable budget to support the development of AI. Benefit from these investments which are fostering new business opportunities, especially if your solution addresses key sectors such as the healthcare of the future, industry 4.0, smart mobility, smart grids and marine renewable energy.



Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters

Images & Réseaux

The reference cluster of digital innovation (Intelligent territory, smart home, e-education and e-health …)


The French industrial cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies

Business clusters


AI advocacy group working for ethical and responsible artificial intelligence that is accessible to all.

French Tech Nantes

French Tech: EdTech, Entertainment, Retail, Health Tech, IoT, Manufacturing & Mobility

French Tech Mayenne

French Tech:#VR #Digital

Innovation platforms


An organization serving manufacturers, bringing together companies in the robotics sector


Technology resource centre specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality and emerging technologies

Research platforms


This laboratory works in three ICT areas – system automation, image signals and reliability – with applications for the plant sector, healthcare and information science


Computer Science Laboratory of Angers University that conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of artificial intelligence


Computer Science Laboratory of Le Mans University


Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes


brings together scientific capabilities (LS2N laboratory) and engineering expertise (CAPACITÉS SAS): deep learning, predictive analysis, image recognition, warning systems and big data

ICI Centrale Nantes

High Performance Computing Research Institute that manages the Centrale Nantes SuperComputing Centre

Academic resources

Academic resources

  • Centrale Nantes: Ranked in the top 5 engineering schools in France. Known for its Ph.D. research studies in Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing. Other Ph.D. research studies in Computer Science and Automation, & Robotics
  • Epitech: Graduate school of digital innovation
  • IMT Atlantique: Engineering School in the fields of Digital Technology, Energy & Environment
  • Nantes Atlantic Design School: a private institution for higher education dedicated to design professions, in association with the University of Nantes
  • Polytech’Nantes: The graduate school of engineering of the University of Nantes, located on 3 campuses (Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and La Roche-sur-Yon). Sectors: Electronics, Digital, energy, construction and materials