Marine Renewable Energy

The figures talk for themselves

1st floating wind turbine in France

FLOATGEN, tested at the SEM-REV offshore test site

Great business opportunities

Great because 7 wind farms are planned in France. The first French wind farm will be installed off the Saint Nazaire coast.

Great because we are home to key players (Chantiers de l’Atlantique, GE, Rollix) and prime contractors are often required nearby suppliers.

Great because we have a long-standing expertise in marine engineering with design companies and test facilities among which the only French offshore multi-technology test-site, SEM-REV, hosting the first floating French wind Turbine.

Great because we have the largest French Atlantic port with heavy-duty port logistics capabilities.

Great because Neopolia business cluster offers great opportunities for partnering with our offshore wind players – over 100 businesses across the value chain.

Is your need different? Let’s look at its business potential.


Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters

Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

Cluster dedicated to marine activities with 6 strategics areas.


The French industrial cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies


The innovation cluster for managing electric and thermal energies.

Business clusters

Neopolia EMR

bringing together over 100 businesses operating in the sector.


research, training, innovation for marine energy.


logistics and supply chain cluster

Innovation platforms

IRT Jules Verne

Mutualised research institute dedicated to the industry of the future, seeking to boost competitiveness in strategic industries by disruptive fabrication technologies

Technocampus Ocean

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to marine structures and metallic materials

Technocampus Composites

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to composite manufacturing

Technocampus Smart Factory

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to industrial uses of virtual reality

CEA Tech

Technology transfer platform, speeding innovation for industry and developing programs on AI and robotics/cobotics.

Academic resources and dedicated facilities

Academic resources

  • Centrale Nantes: This engineering school is a Grande Ecole and trains engineers to a very high level. Students are equipped with a strong managerial ethos and taught to appreciate the wider environmental and societal dimensions to the scientific subjects they study.
  • Nantes University: a key player in the development of marine renewable energy in France with its 12 laboratories, 16 diploma courses and 120 researchers involved.

Dedicated facilities

  • IFSTTAR: The French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks
  • Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port: 30 ha of logistical and industrial area with heavy quay and a 15 ha logistics hub for the pre-assembly of offshore wind turbines
  • Le Carnet: onshore test site dedicated to wind Energy
  • SEM-REV: First European site for multi-technology offshore testing that is connected to the grid

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