Virtual and augmented reality

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The figures talk for themselves

50% of France's VR/AR community is based in our region

Laval: 1st leading global hub for virtual and augmented reality

Laval Virtual the world's largest VR/AR trade fair


Great business opportunities

As VR/AR are being incorporated into many facets of business and industry such as design, manufacturing and retail, these technologies are a key lever for research and training. Are you looking for skills and talent in this field? If so, you’ll be interested in the Laval Virtual Center, the SMART FACTORY Technocampus which offer unique facilities, the collaborative AR/VR platform CLARTE and a global network for developing use cases..

With its 20-year expertise and the greatest concentration of industry players in the country, Pays de la Loire has established itself as France’s top VR/AR hub. The state-of-the-art facilities in Laval can cater for full-scale tests, enable demonstrations to be showcased, and make our region the ideal location for doing business in the sector.

“When we started applying AR/VR in my company, our productivity rose by….%.”
Whatever your line or size of business, AR/VR can really boost your company’s growth. Setting up in Pays de la Loire allows you to benefit from an ecosystem Driving economic growth, an ecosystem for ideation, technology watch and acceleration, and comparative testing.



Leading name


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters

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The reference cluster of digital innovation (Intelligent territory, smart home, e-education and e-health …)

Business clusters

ADN Ouest

Digital players cluster


Video game cluster

Innovation platforms

Technocampus Smart Factory

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to industrial uses of virtual reality

IRT Jules Verne

Mutualised research institute dedicated to the industry of the future, seeking to boost competitiveness in strategic industries by disruptive fabrication technologies

Laval Virtual Center

Research center in virtual and augmented reality with a dedicated showroom


Technology resource centre specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality and emerging technologies

CEA Tech

Technology transfer platform, speeding innovation for industry and developing programs on AI and robotics/cobotics.

Research platforms


Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes

Academic resources

Academic resources

  • Arts et Métiers ParisTech: This engineering school provides courses to develop the skills that are essential for meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s industry and to participate in technological developments (transport, health, energy and construction)
  • Centrale Nantes: Ranked in the top 5 best engineering schools in France. Known for its Ph.D. research studies on Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing.  Other Ph.D. research studies on Computer Science and Automation, & Robotics
  • ESIEA: The Graduate School that trains engineers as designers, developers, system and application integrators by combining coursework in IT, electronics and automated systems
  • UCO Laval: University with courses in banking and insurance, construction, video games, virtual reality and history

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