The figures talk for themselves

60 firms and 2,000 jobs

10% of France's robotics integrators are based in our region

€300 millions in revenue


Great business opportunities in industrial automation and control

Reach companies from many sectors ready to apply manufacturing process automation

Meet your future clients! In Atlantic France, a number of local manufacturers successfully transformed their business by making the most of automation systems.

Create new business opportunities with companies from many different fields: Automotive, Aeronautics, Agrifood, Plant Industry, Shipbuilding, Sailing, Electronics, Energy, Industrial Carpentry, Mechanics, and more.

Build and improve your solutions in a land of industrial research and innovation

A vibrant R&D scene brings your company closer to the European market. Benefit from Proxinnov, Atlantic France’s state-of-the-art platform dedicated to Industrial Robotics, connecting French and European actors via the Digital Innovation Hub.

Your company can also benefit from CLARTE, the technology resources center specialized in VR/AR and emerging technologies, Technocampus Composites and IRT Jules Verne, the mutualized industrial research center dedicated to advanced manufacturing technologies.

Join major industrial Robotics players in Atlantic France

SEPRO GROUP, France’s largest manufacturer of industrial robots, the British firm EUROPLACER, and the Japanese firm YASKAWA, one of the top 4 robotics companies in the world!



Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters


The French industrial cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies


Promotes and develops business and innovation in automotive industry

Vegepolys Valley

The reference cluster for plants production respecting both environment and health, and fostering new technologies.

Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

Cluster dedicated to marine activities with 6 strategics areas.


The innovation cluster for managing electric and thermal energies.

Innovation platforms


An organization serving manufacturers, bringing together companies in the robotics sector


Technology resource centre specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality and emerging technologies

Technocampus Composites

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to composite manufacturing

IRT Jules Verne

Mutualised research institute dedicated to the industry of the future, seeking to boost competitiveness in strategic industries by disruptive fabrication technologies

IPC Laval

Industrial Technical Center of plastics and composites

Business clusters


Brings together businesses in the electronics sector and users from all sectors

Research platforms


Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes


This laboratory works in three ICT areas – system automation, image signals and reliability – with applications for the plant sector, healthcare and information science

Academic resources

Academic resources

  • IMT Atlantique: Engineering School in the fields of Digital Technology, Energy & Environment
  • Centrale Nantes: Ranked in the top 5 best engineering schools in France. Known for its Ph.D. research studies on Manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing.  Other Ph.D. research studies on Computer Science and Automation, & Robotics
  • IUT La Roche-sur-Yon: University Institute of Technology in the fields of Industry Trades, Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Polytech’ Angers: Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Angers. Fields: Industrial Systems, Health, Biology Sciences and Construction