The figures talk for themselves

1st French region for jobs in shipbuilding and floating structures

95 firms and 8,715 jobs

Source: Solution & Co’s survey 2020

450 km of coastline


Great business opportunities

Great because you can connect with big industry players in a field of excellence and with highly proficient subcontractors: Chantiers de l’Atlantique (passenger shipbuilding), Naval Group (marine propulsion), Mecasoud (cargo ships), Almaco (cabins)…

Great because you can provide your expertise and technological solutions to help us:

  • Sail on cleaner and more economical vessels (LNG, composite materials, ballast water management…)
  • Sail on more autonomous vessels (autonomous shipping, military naval drones)
  • Operate vessels that fully embrace digital technology (digital mock-ups, virtual and augmented reality, digital simulations)
  • Adapt to ever-stricter safety regulations (additive fabrication, robotic tools…)

Great because you are alongside us in France addressing a key challenge for the future, sustainable development:

  • Maintenance: energy efficiency refits for all vessels and depollution services. Ongoing fleet upgrades to keep up with developments
  • Ship breaking: Huge potential in both shipping and pleasure sailing
  • Marine renewable energy: this market is still in an experimental stage and in order to grow, it will need a fleet of vessels designed for servicing wind farms



Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters


Rubber and polymers cluster




The French industrial cluster for advanced manufacturing technologies

Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique

Cluster dedicated to marine activities with 6 strategics areas.


The innovation cluster for managing electric and thermal energies.

Innovation platforms

Neopolia Marine

more than 40 companies which pool their expertise and collaborate in order to respond innovatively to the needs of the shipbuilding industry

IPC Laval

Industrial Technical Center of plastics and composites

IRT Jules Verne

Mutualised research institute dedicated to the industry of the future, seeking to boost competitiveness in strategic industries by disruptive fabrication technologies


An organization serving manufacturers, bringing together companies in the robotics sector

Technocampus Ocean

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to marine structures and metallic materials

Technocampus Composites

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to composite manufacturing

Technocampus Smart Factory

Mutualized technological research platform dedicated to industrial uses of virtual reality

cea tech

Technology transfer platform, speeding innovation for industry and developing programs on AI and robotics/cobotics.

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