Plant production and use

The figures talk for themselves

Pays de la Loire is Europe’s leading French region for the medicinal plants and seed production


Great business opportunities on offer

You’ll find abundant raw materials here
Pays de la Loire is Europe’s leading region for the production of medicinal plants, lamb’s lettuce, baby leeks and mushroom farming. Between 2014 and 2017, land for organic farming rose by 42%. Food processing businesses, take note!

Innovation and plants go hand in hand
Got a pioneering project? Our state-of-the-art support organizations such as Vegepolys and Campus Vegetal can help you out with innovation. This really is the place to be.

You’re in a region which uses local produce
Pays de la Loire is one of three leading regions for the number of short food supply chains – there are over 200 community-supported agriculture (CSA) initiatives in operation across the region. In the Loire-Atlantique Department, which has the most CSAs in France, 916 farmers sell at least one product via a short supply chain: market gardening, livestock, cheese…Let’s go local!

Is your need different? Let’s look at its business potential.


Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters


The reference cluster regarding production of specialized plants respecting both environment and health.

Academic resources

  • Campus vegetal: brings together scientists, academics, students, engineers, business leaders, experimental centres, professional associations…
  • GEVES: organization which registers new plant varieties in the official catalogue, provides legal protections and seed certification according to internation standards
  • INRA: Europe’s top agricultural research institute
  • Iteipmai: the French research institute for the development of perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants

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