Welcome to Atlantic France: motion design to expound how we drive your business to success

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1,000 international business leaders chose Atlantic France to set up their company or a subsidiary. Discover why in this motion design, which highlights the key assets of the region and explains our custom-made business location solutions. 

What is most important comes after the but! We released a video with a slightly humorous tone, introducing the key ideas with deliberately inconsistent examples followed by a “but”:

Is there business for me in Atlantic France? If you are in the oil exploration business, you are probably in the wrong place… BUT if you are in aeronautics, shipbuilding, manufacturing, digital solutions, biotech, agrofood or renewable energy, you are definitely in the right place !

Talent pool, quality of life, connections: a land for entrepreneurs

The video features the main advantages of the region. In particular, Atlantic France provides  “all the skills you need for your development” with many top-level academics and research centers with a wide range of expertise.

Well situated, Atlantic France offers a preserved natural environment and an exceptional quality of life (#1 French region, according to a BVA Salesforce survey in 2018), but with easy access to greater Paris and a major logistics hub connected to the rest of Europe.

In Atlantic France, dedicated accompaniment to succeed 

Save time and boost your integration thanks to Business Solutions Atlantic France services: we can introduce you to key players, specialists in recruiting, legal and finance counsels, etc. We can also help you with banking, real estate, business creation, administrative authorisations, etc. 

Our goal is to find the best solutions for your business and to support its growth in the long term. Are you interested? Contact us now… and become our next success story!

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