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135 firms specialised in Biotherapy and Bioanalysis


Great business opportunities on offer

We need your help to participate in:

  • the development of ambulatory medicine, especially in the university hospital and clinics in the Nantes area which are at the cutting edge in this field.
  • novel solutions for addressing the region’s ageing population. This ageing is higher than the rest of France: the number of over 65s in the region is expected to reach 28% by 2050, which is 1,298,000 inhabitants. As they do today, many senior citizens will likely be living in coastal areas.
  • the development of marine biotechnology, with the many university laboratories and research institutes in the region.
  • the vibrant ecosystem made up of 1,800 businesses in the childhood and wellbeing sector.
  • the development of veterinary medicine and biomedicine in a region where livestock farming is strong.

We can provide support:

The clinical research centre at Le Mans’s general hospital has positioned itself to work on pioneering therapies with industry (pharmaceuticals, medical equipment). In addition, hospitals in Nantes and Angers are engaged in high levels of research and clinical activities. Startups and the main healthcare organisations all collaborate closely to development their research and innovation.

We are looking for partners:

  • Come and help breed plants for our herbal medicine suppliers who are still looking for plant growers nearby and short supply chains; this is due to most medicinal plants having to be imported.
  • Come and address the need for subcontractors in the pharmaceutical sector

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Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Innovation clusters

Atlanpole Biotherapies

co-ordinates the work of laboratories, companies and platforms on the bio-medicine value chain

Images & Réseaux

The reference cluster of digital innovation (Intelligent territory, smart home, e-education and e-health …)


The reference cluster regarding production of specialized plants respecting both environment and health.

Business clusters


An innovation network for childhood wellbeing with links to the food industry.

Gérontopôle Autonomie-Longévité

Silver economy cluster

Academic and technological resources

Academic resources

  • Angers University: Faculty of Health (Medicine and Pharmacy departments)
  • Nantes University: Faculty of Health (biology, pharmacy, biotechnologies, health and life sciences)
  • Oniris: Engineering school specializing in veterinary medicine, agrifood and food science – Nantes
  • Polytech’Angers: The graduate School of Engineering of the University of Angers. Sectors: Industrial Systems, Health and biology sciences and construction

Technological resources

  • Angers and Nantes University Hospitals: Public hospitals (healthcare, education, research)
  • ARRONAX Nantes: Particle accelerator, unique in Europe for producing isotopes for radiochemistry and oncology applications
  • Biogenouest: brings together over 70 research units covering marine environment, agrifood, healthcare and bioinformatics in Western France
  • Canceropole Grand Ouest: Network for cancer care and research
  • CESTI Nantes: European center for transplantation and immunotherapy sciences
  • CTTM: This technology transfer centre specialises in acoustics and vibrations, materials, biological and medical engineering, and design engineering with a biological and medical engineering unit which works on medical implant devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices
  • GIRCI Grand Ouest: Organisation gathering hospitals and health institutions for Clinical Research and Innovation
  • INSERM: Public scientific and technology institute operating under the Ministries of Health and Research
  • ICO – Institut de Cancerologie de l’Ouest: Integrated Center for oncology

Let's meet at an event

17 March



The annual meeting of researchers and Biotech companies makes it possible to establish a direct contact with the platforms and to measure the progress of the research work in Life Sciences in Western France. 17 March 2020
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01 September

Bioregate Forum


Biannual forum on regenerative medicine organised by the Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster. 1st September 2020
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