Transport engineering: an ambitious extension plan for Estaca school

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The engineering school Estaca is going to enlarge its campus based in Laval. The school specialized in transportation will double the available space and open new courses in the sailing sector. Local authorities are contributing to the €15 million investment.

Founded in 1925, Estaca is a renowned engineering school which proposes training in four transport sectors: aeronautics, automobile, space and guided transport systems. In 2018, it became a member of the Pegasus network which groups the best European aerospace universities.

A growing need for engineers

A land of industry, Atlantic France is home to the second largest Airbus hub in France and many companies are operating in the fields of aeronautics, mobility and industrial transportation. An opportunity for the engineers trained by Estaca who can find a job easily: 98% of them get hired within two months after graduation.

The transport and mobility sectors are changing quickly and are getting more and more complex with the necessary ecological transition, but also the use of artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security, etc. The need for engineers is therefore increasing and Estaca has been planning for several years to extend its campus in Laval. 

Enlarging the talent pool

The extension plan was revealed recently and the campus will more than double its size with 6,400 additional square meters. The investment of €15 million was shared with local authorities and notably the Pays de la Loire Region. 

In 2023, the site will be able to receive 1,100 students compared to 670 today. Among the future facilities, the school will set up a connected 1/10 scale testing track. Estaca will also open in 2021 training courses dedicated to the naval sector, and in particular to propulsion technologies.

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