Monthabor: a boat drone to manage the marina maintenance

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A marina is a showcase of its region. It therefore has to be more than a simple boat parking lot by offering a pleasant welcome to the visitors. The start-up Monthabor from Atlantic France has developed a drone boat to assist harbour officers in their missions. The drone helps administrators and users while reducing the carbon footprint.

Monthabor is a multifunction drone aimed to facilitate the welcoming of boaters. Equipped with speakers and five cameras, it guides pilots during manoeuvres, indicates vacant spaces, carries out cleaning operations (floating waste removal with a net) and operates marina monitoring. 

Thanks to a floating station, the drone is always available on the water and quickly deployable. Between each mission, it is removed from the water, washed and automatically reloaded. 

Human-machine collaboration for a reinforced customer service 

Created in July 2019, the start-up Monthabor aims to improve the marina experience by simplifying officers’ missions. The drone becomes an assistant on time-consuming tasks, giving marina employees the liberty to devote themselves to the customer relationship. It also saves energy by using a lightweight device.

On Monthabor’s website, the CEO Christophe Martin states “the objective is to offer an innovative service in the marinas in order to enhance their environmental and social impacts.” 

Strong local support to develop innovative technology

Monthabor was created in the region of Paris, but in October 2020 the company settled in Saint-Nazaire. An ideal location to benefit from Atlantic France’s expertise in sailing, digital and IoT

Recently, Monthabor was awarded by the contest “Let’s invent the future harbour at la Turballe”. It was also selected for the call for projects scheme “Atlantic France innovative marina”. What’s more, the start-up was labeled by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and chosen by the accelerator Manufacturing Factory of Atlanpole to benefit from dedicated support.

To create the industrial prototype, Monthabor also relies on local skills and works with Naonext, a Nantes-based design office specialised in embedded systems and connected objects. Many improvements of the boat drone are already being developed.

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