Medtech: BHealthCare, innovative automated platform for drawing blood

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BHealthCare is developing a robotic blood-sampling solution. The company from Atlantic France raised €1.5 million last summer and €4.3 million since its creation. Commercialisation is expected for 2022.

Based in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, BHealthCare was created in 2016. By raising €1.5 million from “leading biologists and renowned execs from the medtech field” (fourth seed funding round), the company brought the total fundraising to €4.3 million. Since 2017, the start-up has also been receiving a €1.125 million subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

BHealthCare invented a solution called HEIVA (Health Equipment for Initiative Venous Access) to robotise drawing blood. The benefits are numerous, both for the patients and the healthcare professionals.

A medical robot to make blood samples more comfortable and safer

The solution invented by BHealthCare automatises the whole process of drawing blood: set up the patient, choose where to prick the needle, take the blood sample, remove the tubes, etc. 

In addition, the technology improves the quality and the efficiency of blood collection. The sample is taken from where it is best for the patient and the health professional avoids all contact with the patient’s blood.

Planning to go-to-market by 2022

BHealthCare’s ambition is to become a world leader for robotic peripheral venous access. The company addresses a global market that represents 25 million daily blood samples. Clinical trials will be led in 2021 and the commercialisation is expected to start by 2022. 

Another fundraising of several million euros will be carried out before the commercial launch, but the recent fundraising has confirmed the market’s expectations:

This financial operation is a double success for us – through the financial support secured and through the quality of the men and women who made it possible. We have been able to extend the scope of shareholding, including mostly biologists leading local and national structures and renowned biologists who are part of European structures with international branches. These strong supports keep demonstrating our vision’s alignment with the market’s needs.

Aliaume Breteau and Jean-Baptiste de Chaisemartin, co-founders of BHealthCare

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