Microalgae business in Atlantic France: 3 major challenges for the period of 2021-2027

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An attractive region for microalgae production, Atlantic France offers key opportunities in this promising sector. In order to boost its development and prepare for tomorrow, 3 main objectives have been set by the regional council. Take advantage of this dynamic by setting up your business here.

Atlantic France holds the sea close to its heart. The region is home to numerous artisanal and industrial microalgae production units, whether of very common species such as spirulina or of less well-known species.

The region counts on 92 companies and 51 producers specialised in microalgae, but also 400 jobs linked to research. Atlantic France brings all the skills and know-how together to cultivate, transform and extract the best from these organisms.

The regional council has recently announced 10 actions and 3 major priorities to develop the microalgae sector during the 2021-2027 period:

1. Deploy microalgae as a source of solutions to meet societal challenges

Often underrated, microalgae offers very interesting properties. This “green gold” can tackle current environmental, food and energy transition challenges with multiple uses: health, food, cosmetics, biomaterials, water treatment, energy, etc. Atlantic France’s regional council supports companies willing to innovate in this field and encounter new business opportunities, for example by co-financing market studies.

2. Help the Atlantic France microalgae industry to grow

The companies producing microalgae will also have the possibility to benefit from direct subsidies to help their establishment and development. The objective is to support this sector to move towards new production systems for commercial scaling-up.

3. Stand out as a territory of scientific and technical excellence

Atlantic France must stand out with the excellence of its know-how in microalgae, in particular by boosting collaborations between academic players and businesses.

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