SUccESS: inventing an innovative gel to cure burns

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Nantes University is leading a research program called SUccESS, which aims to develop a healing gel for burned patients made from fetal cells. A groundbreaking innovation in healthcare supported by €6 million of public funding.

SUccESS stands for “Synergy for a UnivErsal Skin Substitute”. This R&D project is led by Nantes University and involves eight partners: Nantes University Hospital, several research labs, a telemedicine network and two industrials (NAOS and Bionuclei).

The “universal skin substitute” which is being developed will be a transparent gel. Applied on second-degree burns, it will accelerate the healing process by up to fifteen days without the need of skin grafting and avoiding scars, but also lowering the pain and the risk of infection. 

Biotechnology powered by embryonic regeneration

The amazing properties of this gel are related to the use of highly-regenerative stem cells collected from a fetus after a therapeutic abortion. A single sample of 10 cm² of embryo skin allows around two billion sprays of 30ml to be produced and to heal many patients. 80% of second-degree burn victims are children, and 180,000 people throughout the world die of burns every year. 

SUccESS is a €21 million project mainly financed by the industrial partners (€8 million) and a national public fund (€6 million). Clinical trials should start in two years. 

Tomorrow’s therapies and healthcare is one of Atlantic France’s top market opportunities. The region counts on 135 biotechnology businesses, several dedicated innovation clusters and top-level research platforms.

Brothier, algae for wound healing

In the sector of skincare, Atlantic France also hosts a laboratory Brothier in Fontevraud. The company created in 1949 has become a world pioneer and leader of products to treat wounds made from algae.

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