Digital: the leading French consumer-generated video platform Teester is going global

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Teester is a platform that helps brands drive more sales with authentic, trusted and engaging videos made directly by their customers. The company created in Nantes, Atlantic France, is now considered as one of the most promising French start-ups and is opening offices abroad.

When buying a new product, we rely on product reviews from fellow customers. The most engaging and trustworthy form of media is video, but it requires a lot of resources for brands to produce them. Teester therefore offers dedicated business solutions. 

From sourcing and profiling the participants to editing and broadcasting on different channels, as well as the statistical analysis of the videos, Teester handles the overall process. As their client Google commented, “the platform empowers customers to create testimonials about products they love”

One of the 40 most promising French start-ups

At the peak of its popularity, following a successful year with a 384% growth which converted the company from relying on a dozen employees to more than 40 employees, the French start-up is now increasing its development abroad. The ambition is to create local branches in Spain, Italy and Portugal. 

To expand in Europe, the company has joined the group Skeepers, created last year with two other leading companies: Avis Vérifiés and Mediatech-CX. In 2019, the company also joined the Google Cloud for start-ups which has enhanced and helped its development. 

Furthermore, Teester has recently integrated the Next40, a French Tech support program reserved for the 40 most promising French start-ups. 

Going global: Teester expands its activities to the US

Now leader in the market of customers’ videos in France, the start-up from Atlantic France opened an office in Boston (United-States) in February. The US market is quite advanced on video editing and User Generated Content, but Teester is offering turnkey solutions in the digital sector to automate their creation and diffusion, and many opportunities are waiting for the start-up. 

Our first discussion with the American market confirms our ambition […] which is even truer in the current context where commercial websites’ turnover has increased by 44% in the US in 2020. The marketing directions are in need of video content because they are bursting.

Julien Chevalier, CEO and founder of Teester, in a press release.

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