AlgoSource: microalgae against the side effects of anti-cancer treatments

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© AlgoSource / Donatien Millet

The company from Saint-Nazaire AlgoSource is developing an innovative solution based on microalgae. Its purpose is to relieve patients suffering from cancer therapy. €850,000 have been invested in the project called AmiTher.

The seabed contains natural resources that can be particularly precious to humans. The company AlgoSource, based in Atlantic France, specialises in the industrial development of microalgae and is working on applications in industry but also in healthcare.

Several years of biotechnology R&D

The AlgoSource group was created in 2012 by bringing together the research company AlgoSource Technologies from Saint-Nazaire and its industrial partner Alpha Biotech from Guérande. Over the last years, more than €2 million have been invested in R&D programs. 

Between 2016 and 2018, AlgoSource led a clinical trial alongside the University of Nantes and the Center for Human Nutrition Research “Ouest”. It demonstrated the effects of spirulina liquid extract on the Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) syndrome, and the company filed a patent for its product Spirulysat.

€850,000 for the supportive care project AmiTher

AlgoSource is now working on a natural solution based on different microalgae to help patients with cancer. The project AmiTher aims to reduce the negative effects of heavy treatments such as chemotherapy and will undergo clinical trials in the Nantes university hospital.

Labeled by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster in 2019, the €850,000 R&D project is supported by The Pays de la Loire region with €300,000 in loans and subsidies. In January 2019, the region also became a shareholder of AlgoSource through three public or semi-public investment funds (Litto invest, Pays de la Loire participations and Pays de la Loire Développement).

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