Logistics and aeronautics: IDEA obtains €1.4 million of funding to transform Airbus’ supply chain

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The group IDEA based in Montoir de Bretagne, Atlantic France, has been selected by the France Relance recovery plan. Decisive support to launch five innovative projects in the logistics of the aeronautics giant Airbus.

Created in 1919, IDEA has a hundred years worth of expertise in logistics and is a cooperative business. The company based in Montoir de Bretagne, next to Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port, is an industrial supply chain provider which specialises in specific and sensitive products.

With two production sites in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, Atlantic France is home to the second largest Airbus industrial hub in France. The aeronautics specialist is therefore a major client for IDEA which has 190 employees dedicated to working for Airbus on a daily basis.

Investing €3.5 million to modernise the aeronautics supply chain

Five innovative projects developed by IDEA were chosen by France Relance, the French recovery plan. The company obtained €1.4 million of public funding, 40% of the overall investment (€3.5 million). 

Led alongside several quality partners from Atlantic France, the projects aim to integrate digital technologies and industrial automation in various fields of Airbus logistics: 

  • Develop logistics solutions for indoor and outdoor autonomous mobility capable of operating in open spaces (in collaboration with the ECA Group).
  • Provide a laser-based maneuver assistance system to prevent the risk of collision during the transport of aircraft sections (also in collaboration with the ECA Group).
  • Enhance the traceability solution called “MYWAY”, by associating the geolocation data of products and tools (in collaboration with Ripple Motion and InVirtus Technologies).
  • Combine a handling assistance solution with an autonomous mobile platform (in collaboration with E-Cobot).
  • Design an immersive training device based on virtual reality solutions to facilitate workstation learning on aeronautical sites.

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