Industrial relocation: why choose Atlantic France?

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International geopolitical upheavals have highlighted the importance of relocating production to France. When it comes to choosing an ideal location, the Atlantic France region stands out for its dynamic industrial ecosystem, which offers many assets such as support for innovation, quality logistical infrastructures, and voluntary public backing.

What do Toyota forklifts, Alcatel-Lucent telephone exchanges, and Kolmi-Hopen nitrile gloves have in common? They are all now made in Atlantic France, whereas before production used to be outsourced to Asia or Eastern Europe.

We have significantly reduced delivery times, from six months, when the forklift was manufactured in China, to less than three months in Ancenis,” says Philippe Mahé, CEO of Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing France, who also highlights the impact on the company’s carbon footprint. Thierry Bonnin, Vice President of public affairs and strategic partnerships at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, agrees: “We decided to reintegrate Alcatel’s industrial history in France and produce locally to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The game has changed

In recent years, a series of international crises (COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, etc) have highlighted the limitations of globalisation and the pitfalls of manufacturing too far from customers (in particular supply difficulties that can lead to shortages and increased logistics costs).

In addition, changes in legislation and consumer expectations are demanding greater transparency and traceability from companies, as well as a reduction in their carbon footprint.

Finally, government plans such as France Relance and France 2030 have helped to make the country more attractive to industrial players and to intensify the relocation movement since 2020.

A favourable environment in Atlantic France

Manufacturing accounts for over 15% of employment in Atlantic France, making it one of the leading industrial regions in France. Thanks to its industrial heritage, the region has an appropriate infrastructure, dynamic professional networks, and a pool of talent with recognised expertise.

Industrial companies based in Atlantic France can also benefit from support for innovation through specific grants and tools made available to them, such as five Technocampuses which are dedicated to manufacturing: Composites, Marine, Food, Electronics and IoT, Robotics & Cobotics.

Atlantic France is the leading economic area in western France, with a wide range of economic sectors and players of all sizes, from the biggest industrial giants to the smallest SMEs. Open and accessible, with an excellent motorway network, an international airport, and the largest port on the French Atlantic coast, the region is also home to numerous research centres, grandes écoles, and universities.

Dynamic and attractive, Atlantic France offers clear advantages for entrepreneurs and their teams. Cities such as Nantes, Angers, Le Mans, Saint-Nazaire, Laval, and La Roche-sur-Yon regularly top the attractiveness rankings because they combine an excellent quality of life with interesting professional opportunities.

Benefit from relocation grants

Atlantic France has been pursuing an industrial relocation strategy for several years. In addition to the measures proposed by the French government, regional aid and support networks are available to help project leaders who wish to invest and innovate in the region.

The Atlantic France regional council has put a range of financial solutions in place to encourage the relocation of industrial activity: strengthening equity, facilitating access to bank loans, consolidating the financial position of a new company through grants, etc.

However, it’s not always easy to find your way around and identify the right doors to knock on in order to benefit from subsidies or financing. At Business Solutions Atlantic France, a department of the Atlantic France region economic development Agency, we help companies identify the most appropriate aid schemes and put them in touch with potential financiers (private or public).

Tailored, confidential support

The relocation process is a long-term one and requires careful guidance at every stage to ensure the success of the project. Business Solutions Atlantic France’s support is not limited to the financing of relocation or development projects.

A single point of contact guides managers and investors through a tailor-made process, from finding the ideal location to recruiting talent and welcoming employees and their families.

Financed by the Atlantic France regional council, Business Solutions Atlantic France offers business leaders support that is completely free of charge and tailored to their needs. You can benefit from the expertise of a single, trusted contact and then be supported by a whole team to help your business grow. We provide long-term support that combines agility, responsiveness, and confidentiality.

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