Human capital: the #1 asset of Atlantic France companies!

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The Quality of Work Life (QWL), which is now evolving into QWLC (the “C” stands for the working conditions of employees), has now become a major issue for companies. Taking this path is a strong, differentiating and strategic commitment for local authorities and managers. It impacts their organisation in such a way that allows them to attract and retain workers better. In Atlantic France, economic dynamism is inseparable from human capital, and here – perhaps more than elsewhere – the well-being of employees is reconciled with the performance of companies.

According to the latest study published by the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) in September 2022, Atlantic France now has 1,550,000 jobs, which is 35% more than 40 years ago. This increase is the highest in provincial France. This dynamism of employment growth is explained – in part – by the flourishing demography of the region, the diversity of the local production players, and by the profound economic and technological changes observed in the region.

Clearly, Atlantic France is an employment champion! In addition to this observation (and this is no coincidence), there are numerous measures in place in all four corners of the region which offer employees optimal conditions for when they are welcomed to the area and for their working development.

Enabling employees and their families to find accommodation

Today, the housing issue is becoming a real obstacle when recruiting new employees.

In Les Herbiers (Vendée), where the unemployment rate is the lowest in France (3.4%), the property market is under pressure. Thus, to meet the needs of companies already established in the area and to attract new ones, a real estate group will deliver a new kind of apartment block by the end of 2024: 87 apartments will be built and will be intended for future workers. The tenants will be from the companies that will make the apartments available to their employees and will deal with the lease.

This fully furnished accommodation, which is intended to be occupied for short periods (between 3 and 6 months), will allow employees to discover their new living environment before finding the accommodation that best meets their needs. Whether the company decides to charge their employee rent or not, this method will always be more economical than the cost of a hotel room.

Facilitating reception and integration

Settling in a new region is not always very easy for employees and their families.

In Mayenne, Laval Agglomeration has worked with its economic development agency, the tourist office and local businesses to design a tool for new employees arriving in the area. The Welcome Pack is offered to business leaders to support them in their arrival and recruitment processes. This solution, presented in the form of a kit and given to new recruits, is the key to a complete integration process and includes:

  • Practical information on accommodation and schooling for your children
  • Valuable advice and mobility assistance
  • A personalised welcome at the tourist office to deal with everyday questions
  • Appointments and events to help discover the area, but also to promote exchanges and create links between families
  • A tourist map of the destination and discounts for access to activities or places to visit

    Providing optimal working conditions

    In Atlantic France, entrepreneurs are constantly innovating to attract and retain loyalty, and their mindset is marked by the importance they attach to the human aspect of their business projects.

    Kelio (formally Bodet Software) intends to retain its employees and attract new talent. Based in Cholet (Maine-et-Loire), the company has just opened a 1,500 sqm space on its premises which is entirely dedicated to the quality of life at work. Named Otium, this campus includes a multi-activity complex with a company restaurant, as well as 6 themed rooms reserved for employee break times. Outside, 6 sports fields complete the complex. The site is accessible at the beginning and end of the day, as well as during the lunch break, and remains separate from the workspaces.

    What if we switched to a 4-day week? The company Tronico, located between the departments of Vendée and Loire-Atlantique, is currently studying this possibility in order to appeal to more candidates, due to a lack of staff. The manager of the company Toutain from La Flèche (Sarthe) also asked himself this question some time ago. He quickly acted on thisreflection and so since January 2019, the 4-day week has been adopted, which has seen some positive results: increased productivity, less difficulty in recruiting and greater employee loyalty.

    Why is Atlantic France an ideal region to set up your business in? For the following reasons:

    • Employment is booming
    • Talent is preserved
    • Well-being at work is greatly promoted
    • Many actions are carried out to facilitate recruitment
    • An excellent living environment and high-quality working conditions are combined 

    Do you want to establish yourself in our region and develop a Quality of Work Life dynamic to attract and retain your employees?

    Contact us so that we can discuss your project!

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