Car manufacturing: Mann+Hummel invests €2.4M in the modernisation of its factory

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The German company Mann+Hummel has a factory in Louverné (Mayenne). The subsidiary was selected by the support fund for investments in the modernisation of the automotive sector. This is a strategy launched by the French government as part of the France Relance recovery program. The plan supports the automotive supplier with up to €800,000, and the company is investing an additional €1.6M in the Atlantic France region. 

Leading global filtration specialist for the automotive sector, Mann+Hummel works for a dozen major automobile brands. First and foremost is the PSA group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles) which represents 35% of its turnover (€170 million in 2020), followed-up by Renault-Nissan. 

Build the France of 2030 today

Acknowledged as a company capable of upgrading its technology and facilities while pursuing its production (with orders which have been placed for the following five years), Mann+Hummel has been selected by the French government to benefit from the France Relance recovery program.

France Relance is an investment program representing one third of the annual French state budget (€100 billion) and was created to address the economic consequences of the Covid pandemic. “We want to build the France of 2030 today”, said Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic. 

A major modernisation of the factory by 2024

The “Smart factory” project of Mann+Hummel will require a €2.4 million investment of which €800,000 will be provided by the French state. It consists of modernising and digitising the factory: the project will showcase industry 4.0 solutions, improve industrial equipment connection as well as the use of data. Sensors and dedicated software will be installed to offer a real-time control of the machines, allowing loopholes to be identified and issues to be solved faster. 

The investment will also go into buying automatic guided vehicles to carry assembly parts into the factory. Finally, it will enhance the work conditions of the 670 employees in Mayenne with a cobot (collaborative robot) and new air filter systems. 

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