Unveiling France’s €4 billion hydrogen investment: a boost for Atlantic France

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The French government’s recent €4 billion commitment to hydrogen production marks a crucial point in the nation’s shift towards sustainable energy. This investment is particularly significant for Atlantic France, a region which is already heavily engaged in hydrogen initiatives.

The French government has recently pledged €4 billion to hydrogen production, representing a considerable move in the country’s shift to cleaner energy sources. This commitment arrives at a time when Atlantic France is already at the forefront of the hydrogen sector, with a €100 million budget dedicated to investing in various hydrogen-centred projects before 2030.

Atlantic France is in a unique position to gain from this large-scale investment, thanks to its strong ecosystem of innovative companies, research labs, and public authorities. The region is already a focal point for hydrogen production and application in transport, energy storage, and industrial processes.

Investment breakdown

The €4 billion fund is intended to accelerate the mass production of low-carbon hydrogen through electrolysis. Renewable or low-carbon electricity will serve as the primary energy sources. The funds will be distributed via a series of calls for projects, with an estimated total output of 1,000 MW, to be distributed throughout the years 2024, 2025, and 2026.

Government support will largely hinge on the tariffs submitted by applicants. The selection criteria will base 70% of the requirements on cost-effectiveness, with the aim of encouraging industrial stakeholders to invest in low-carbon hydrogen solutions. This approach reflects successful practices in renewable energy sectors, where producers are compensated when their production costs are higher than those of fossil fuel-based hydrogen.

The investment is projected to create jobs and stimulate the local economy, further solidifying Atlantic France’s role as a hub for hydrogen production and application in transport, energy storage, and industrial processes.

The role of Atlantic France

This is not the first investment within the sector. Atlantic France has already earmarked €100 million for the hydrogen sector, focusing on the decarbonisation of industries such as transport and construction.

The region provides an outstanding local ecosystem for the development of hydrogen projects, owing to the collaboration between public authorities, innovative companies, startups, and research laboratories.

As can be noted, Atlantic France is not merely developing a hydrogen production and distribution network; it is also advocating its use in multiple forms of transport and it is backing hydrogen research programmes. This collective vigour makes Atlantic France an ideal location for hydrogen-based innovation.

The European context

This will also not be the last investment made in hydrogen technology. France’s hydrogen strategy is in alignment with broader European objectives. The European Hydrogen Bank, which has been operational since last year, has a €3 billion budget to support production across the European Economic Area. The institution will conduct its first auctions on the 23rd of November 2023, allocating up to €800 million to renewable hydrogen producers.

Germany and France, which are both aiming for a hydrogen production of 6.5 gigawatts by 2030, are likely to be significant contributors to this European scheme. Thus, the French government’s investment strengthens the domestic hydrogen sector and plays a part in a more extensive European strategy.

While the French government has demonstrated strong commitment, regulatory obstacles at  European level could slow down the pace of project execution. Companies interested in this sector should remain attentive to forthcoming regulatory frameworks.

The French government’s €4 billion investment in hydrogen production is a calculated move that promises to position Atlantic France as an important player in the green energy landscape. This investment serves not just national interests but also contributes to broader European aims, presenting numerous opportunities for businesses in the region.

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