Proxiclo Ouest: the Dutch fencing specialist UBC launches a company in Mayenne

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Based in the Netherlands, the group UBC is investing in Atlantic France. A new company called Proxiclo Ouest has been created and installed in a 4,700 sqm property in Mayenne which will host several activities. 

UBC is a market leader in custom-made fencing which distributes its products under the brand names Peripro Fencing and Privacon. It relies on more than 360 employees and has an annual turnover of €180 million.

The group from the Netherlands manufactures most of its production in Europe. After taking over a French company, it decided to strengthen its national presence by creating a new company called Proxiclo Ouest and base it in Mayenne, Atlantic France.

Logistics hub, commercial showroom and training center

The company settled in a 4,700 sqm building which hosts a logistics base, sales services and a product demonstration showroom. The objective is also to open a training centre dedicated to automated systems for its clients, in particular landscape gardeners.

A site for custom-made fencing production

In the long run, the UBC group is expecting to also install a production line in Mayenne. Indeed, Proxiclo is preparing a “Do It Yourself” offer which will allow partners such as specialised supermarkets to create tailor-made products, and then get them delivered directly to their customers.

Recognition of Atlantic France’s attractiveness 

Atlantic France is a land of logistics and industry, and Proxiclo will be able to rely on a strong local network of manufacturers and suppliers, in particular locksmithing. The company has benefited from dedicated business location support from our economic development agency Solutions&co and plans to create a dozen of jobs over the next three years.

The choice of Mayenne was based on its high-quality logistics network […] It was confirmed by the attractiveness of the region in terms of local players and major stakeholders for the development of our activity.

Ludovic Rivet, Head of the Proxiclo agency

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