Digital: Keendoo, innovative solutions for the agrifood sector

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Keendoo is a leading software developer for the food industry and is based in Nantes. Its solutions help companies to manage the life cycle of their products,  accelerate innovation and eco-design, and reduce time to market. 

Companies in the agrifood sector are facing a new challenge: they must now calculate the environmental impact of their products and then communicate their findings transparently. Thanks to its innovative solutions, Keendoo helps companies to comply with these regulations. 

The challenge of environmental labelling on food packaging

As foreseen by the French laws Agec (2020) and Climate & Resilience (2021), official environmental labelling has become mandatory. Keendoo offers an innovative solution for the calculation and eco-labelling of food products. 

Its new Ecodesign module allows for the measurement of up to 16 environmental impact indicators at all stages of a product’s life cycle and is based on the PEF methodology which is endorsed by the European Union and the ISO 14040 standard.

With their solution, which is known as Ko2mpact®, Keendoo won the CFIA 2023 Innovation Awards in the Environmental category. It combines consultancy and easy-to-use software, allowing manufacturers to measure the environmental impact and Eco-score in real time, without the need for sending data to external experts. The solution spans across multiple departments and contributes to the company’s CSR strategy.

Working for major brands and significant growth

The Atlantic France region offers numerous business opportunities to agriculture and food specialists. In this regard, Keendoo stands out by offering software solutions that enable product innovation.

With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Keendoo has positioned itself as a benchmark in product data management. It has around fifty customers who have adopted one or more modules of its software package. 

Among its customers are well-known companies such as Eurial, Materne-Montblanc, Panzani, Sodiaal, and Thiriet. These companies rely on Keendoo to manage their product information and reduce their environmental impact.

In line with its success, the company is growing steadily. Keendoo has recruited various employees over recent months and is experiencing significant growth. In addition, the company is carrying out the commercial launch of a seventh module in its software suite.

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