Cetim invests €25 million to develop mechanical solutions designed for the hydrogen industry

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The industrial technical centre Cetim has launched the project HyMEET which stands for Hydrogen Material and Equipment Engineering and Testing Centre. Over the next two years, €25 million will be invested in innovation in the mechanical industry sector applied to hydrogen production, distribution and utilisation.

Sustainable hydrogen is a very promising energy used to decarbonise industry and mobility. Atlantic France has made it a development priority and is home to the scale-up company Lhyfe which is aiming to become the European leader in this field.

But the development of hydrogen also depends on other industries which will have to adapt their products and skills. The Technical centre for mechanical industry (Cetim) has therefore announced an ambitious research project called HyMEET.

Face the technological and economic challenges to benefit from hydrogen opportunities

The objective is to provide the mechanical professionals with the means and skills to adapt to the changes needed for the use of gaseous and liquid hydrogen. Indeed, the production, distribution and utilisation of hydrogen requires adaptation of equipment such as pipes, tanks, compressors, pumps, etc.

Based in Atlantic France, the Hydrogen Material and Equipment Engineering and Testing Centre will be the first element of an ambitious plan deployed over the next four years. The initial investment represents €11 million and another €14 million will be invested next year.

Airbus at the forefront of the energy revolution

The aeronautics global leader Airbus is creating a zero-emission development centre (ZEDC) in Nantes, Atlantic France. The company will be a pillar of the HyMEET project and has also announced its first zero-emission commercial aircraft for 2035, with the first demonstration flight scheduled for 2026.

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