The Urmet France Group is expanding in Cholet, Atlantic France

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On March 15th, the teams of the Urmet France Group, specialised in access control, intercom and video surveillance solutions, set up in an industrial area in Cholet, Atlantic France. This required an 8.4 million investment.

After 18 months of renovation work, the three entities of the Urmet France Group (FDI Matelec, Yokis and SCS Sentinel) have settled in their new premises. 

In March 2021, the 140 employees moved to the new 7,400 sqm premises on 3 hectares of land. 4,000 sqm are dedicated to production and storage, while 2,800 sqm are devoted to offices. The overall renovation was possible thanks to an investment of 8.4 million.

A dedicated innovation unit

In a press release, the operational Directors of SCS Sentinel, FDI Matelec and Yokis stated that “this new location is a tremendous step forward for developing our activities. The different spaces and layouts create a pleasant working environment. Without doubt, it will provide a positive dynamic for the team”.

On another note, with all three group entities working together, research activities with a dedicated innovation unit are reinforced. It also facilitates commercial synergies while optimising the means of production by mutualising tools and services. 

Moving in Atlantic France, a region of innovation and performance

The Urmet France Group is a subsidiary of the Italian company Urmet, which designs and manufactures high-value integrated building communication and security systems to make installers’ work easier.

Created in 1984, the Urmet France Group anticipated a total revenue of €129 million in 2020 and is in constant evolution. Innovation and performance are part of the Group’s DNA, and this was one of the main reasons for choosing Atlantic France, known for its innovation and its expertise in manufacturing

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