Innovation in avian protection by e3 IdentiFlight

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The recent establishment of e3 IdentiFlight France in Vertou, near Nantes, marks a milestone in the offshore wind industry of Atlantic France, once again highlighting the region’s development in the sector and its commitment to environmental protection.

The Atlantic France region is distinguished by its leadership in the marine renewable energy sector, leveraging its extensive coastline and favourable conditions for the development of offshore wind energy. This context, coupled with the continuous support of the French government, which has announced significant investments in the sector, provides a conducive environment for innovation and business growth.

A solution to protect birds from wind turbines

The company e3 IdentiFlight France sets a precedent in France, aiming to pioneer an avian detection system. The company stands out for its advanced technology, capable of detecting protected species to minimise their mortality in wind parks. 

This system, initially developed by Boulder Imaging in the United States and recognised in 2023 by French Authorities for its effectiveness in reducing red kite fatalities on wind farms, represents a significant advancement at the intersection of technology and environmental conservation.

Utilising a set of eight wide-angle cameras and one high-definition camera, the e3 IdentiFlight system has the ability to scan the surroundings around wind turbines in 360°. The incorporation of artificial intelligence allows for precise identification of the avian species present, enabling the temporary halting of turbines to prevent collisions.

This approach demonstrates a commitment to biodiversity preservation and will favour the sustainable development of wind projects. The implementation of more than 340 IdentiFlight systems in various countries, including France, underscores the success and global acceptance of this technology.

Key figures


systems implemented

+2 million

birds detected



A strategic location for recruiting talent

Led by Yoann Payelleville, who brings 20 years of experience in the wind sector, e3 IdentiFlight France is a subsidiary of the German company e3 IDF GmbH. Robust growth is anticipated for this new office, and e3 IdentiFlight France is planning to expand its team in Nantes to strengthen its presence in the French and European markets.

The strategic location of the company, near Nantes, is chosen for its connectivity and quality of life, which facilitates the attraction of specialised talent. 

Close to Paris via high-speed train, and known for its quality of life, Nantes offers the necessary advantages to attract profiles who understand the challenges of wind development and who are proficient in ornithology.

Yoann Payelleville, CEO of e3 IdentiFlight France, on the Nantes Saint-Nazaire development agency website

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