Hygiaconnect, smart cleaning solutions: connected hydroalcoholic gel dispensers on Nantes´ trams

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© Xavier Saint-Hillier / LVAN

The Covid-19 pandemic requires the highest hygiene standards. The company JVD, based in Atlantic France, developed connected hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. Several were installed on Nantes´ trams.

The Semitan, the semi-public company in charge of Nantes´ public transport, installed 300 hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. The network was the first in France to be equipped with this type of hygiene solution to reduce the Coronavirus transmission.

20 of those dispensing devices were produced by JVD, a company based in Rezé, near Nantes. And they have an interesting particularity: a connection in LoRa (long range), allows real-time monitoring.

Three years of R&D

The connected hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are part of the Hygiaconnect product line, launched by JVD a few months ago after 3 years of R&D.

The utilisation of IoT technologies allows us to anticipate the lack of consumables: when the level of hydroalcoholic gel (or soap, paper, etc.) reaches a critical threshold, an alert is transmitted in order to quickly plan a refill.

A green and growing international company

JVD has equipped more than 20,000 hotels and distributes its products in more than 100 countries. With an annual turnover of €31 million, the group which created subsidiaries in Singapore, Mexico and Spain is growing thanks to its innovative products.

The company has also made eco-responsibility one of it’s pillars. “From design to manufacturing, transport to use and customer service to recycling, we know that each detail counts”, says JVD’s website. The company has particularly favored production in France, and activity has increased significantly since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis which has complicated importations.

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