Marine renewables: major investments from 2025 onwards

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France plans to more than double its marine renewable energy capacity by 2035 and reach 45GW of energy production by 2050. The French government’s commitment to developing this industry presents exciting opportunities for companies specialising in this field, particularly in Atlantic France, which is the leading French region. 

During the event Les Assises de la Mer, which was held in Nantes on the 28th and 29th of November, Emmanuel Macron made a major announcement for the marine renewables sector in France. 

The President of the French Republic announced the launch of several tenders in 2025 to launch projects for a dozen offshore wind farms that will be operational between 2030 and 2035.

The projects currently underway in France will eventually represent 8 GW, and the aim is to generate an additional 10 GW by 2035.

The French government’s ultimate goal is to reach 45 GW of production by 2050. This is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 45 million households and would make marine renewables the second most significant source of energy in France after nuclear power.

Atlantic France at the forefront of marine renewables

Atlantic France is the #1 French region in the field of maritime renewable energies and is home to the first French offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Saint-Nazaire. The region will soon have another farm in Vendée.

In addition, the French President has announced a €200 million plan to develop floating offshore wind, and in this regard, the region has also been a forerunner: the first French floating offshore wind turbine has been installed in Atlantic France and has been connected to the grid since 2018.

Opportunities for the port and renewable energy specialists

Emmanuel Macron has also stressed that French ports will benefit from a total of €800 million in subsidies to lead decarbonisation projects, such as the ZIBaC project, which recently awarded a special label to the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire.

Last but not least, the installation of wind farms will create thousands of jobs, and the French President has promised that everything will be done to prioritise the production of wind turbines in France, which bodes well for GE and its Haliade wind turbine produced in Saint-Nazaire. 

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