Industry: GH invests €28 million to develop its production site in Atlantic France

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GH produces metalwork for buildings in Clisson, Atlantic France. The company has started to build a new factory which is part of an ambitious industry 4.0 development project called “Grand H”.

Created in 1966, GH (Girard Hervouet) is part of the French group Soprema which is the world leader of waterproofing. The company manufactures metalwork building components (structures and carpentry, roofing and waterproofing, locksmithing…) at its 14,000 sqm production site in Atlantic France and has three commercial agencies located in Paris, Lille and Rennes.

The company has been growing rapidly over the last few years. The turnover amounted to €36 million in 2020 and €47.5 million in 2021, and GH is now aiming for €80 million by 2027. The production site in Clisson has reached its maximum production capacity and is, therefore, being improved considerably in order to support this growth. 

The project is called “Grand H” and consists of the construction of a new 20,000 sqm building facing the current site. The total investment represents €28 million, including a €200,000 grant from the national recovery plan France Relance

Industrial automation and improved work conditions

Dedicated to metal frames, the new building will be at the forefront of technology with a high-performance and energy-efficient robotic production line. GH expects to double its production capacity to make over 12,000 tons of metallic parts per year.

Employee comfort will be improved, and the use of environmentally friendly epoxy paints will eliminate the exposure to VOCs and solvents. Approximately 1,000 sqm will be dedicated to offices and social premises, but also reception areas, for customers and partners, overlooking the workshops.

The second largest photovoltaic plant in Loire-Atlantique

GH is stationed on an industrial wasteland and carries out several actions to improve its environmental impact. The soil was depolluted prior to construction, 12,000 tonnes of concrete were reused and the building was designed to limit energy requirements. As well as this, seen as it is located close to houses, an eco-grazing area will be set up between them and the industrial building.

In addition, the 8,000 m² roof of GH’s new plant will be covered with 3,512 photovoltaic panels which will produce electricity to feed back into the network. The site will thus host the second largest photovoltaic plant of the Loire-Atlantique department.

Construction began a few weeks ago and will be completed in summer 2022, ready for a launch of the production line in September. The inauguration is scheduled for the spring of 2023.

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