Industry 4.0: Gautier is building a robotic factory to automate the manufacturing of personalised furniture

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Gautier has recently started to build a new factory in Vendée. Fully automated, this innovative production tool will allow the company from Atlantic France to create tailor-made furniture on demand.

Created in 1960, Gautier has three production sites in Vendée (Le Boupère, Chantonnay and Saint-Prouant). The company manufactures over 8,000 pieces of designer furniture per day with an environmentally-friendly approach. All the wood used is PEFC-certified and comes from local and sustainable forests. 

Since 2005, Gautier has developed a network of more than 70 franchised stores in France and 120 worldwide. The group is present in more than 60 countries and 20% of its annual turnover (€120 million) is achieved abroad. 

“Batch One”, an industry 4.0 factory to dive into the future

Gautier launched a strategic plan called #Ambitions2024. A few days ago, on January 12th, the furniture company began the construction of a cutting-edge woodworking plant in the little town of Saint-Prouant, 1,646 inhabitants. 

The investment represents €12 million and Atlantic France’s regional council granted Gautier a €2.4 million subsidy through its Industry 4.0 call for projects.

The “Batch One” factory will be fully automated and the robotic production line will allow all kinds of furniture to be created in record time and personalised by the clients. A major commercial asset for Gautier which is smartly adapting its historical know-how to the demands of today’s consumers.

Gautier to create 50 new jobs in 2021

Built by companies from Atlantic France, the factory will be in charge of 10% of the group’s production. It will open this year and 30 people will be recruited to manage it. Gautier, which is made up of 750 employees, is also planning to offer 20 additional permanent employment contracts this year.

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