Industry 4.0 and automotive: Gys is welding its partnership with Tesla

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Gys is strengthening its bonds with Tesla. The company from Laval obtained a second homologation from the Californian electric vehicle manufacturer. It concerns innovative arc welding stations called Autopulse 220. 

Created in 1964, Gys specializes in welding machines, battery chargers and car body repair equipment. The family-owned company based in Laval employs over 650 people. The 2019 turnover stood at €99 million, and half of it was generated from international markets. 

Gys is currently undertaking a €10 million investment program. In Laval, the company is building a 10,000 m² logistics center and extending its factory.

Autopulse 220, an innovative welding station

In 2014, Gys received its first homologation from Tesla for a spot welding machine. After 6 years of R&D and many tests in an independent US laboratory, the company recently obtained another homologation for an innovative gas metal arc welding (GMAW) station. 

The Autopulse 220 is designed to weld both aluminum sheets and high resistance steel sheets. Versatility which is key for the automotive sector. In order to reduce the weight of vehicles and improve their performance, car manufacturers and repairers are using more and more different materials and need new welding solutions. 

Software with over 100 modes and bot agent compatibility

All of Gys´ welding stations work with the same software which proposes 110 modes for GMAW. The program is also compatible with the use of industrial robots and cobots (semi-autonomous robots).

By reinforcing its partnership with Tesla, the company from Atlantic France will benefit from its fast-growing market. The Californian electric vehicle maker is developing quickly all over the world and could soon integrate the prestigious stock market index S&P 500.

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