Manufacturing: the ultralow noise system specialist Silentsys is aiming for industrialisation

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Silentsys designs, produces and commercialises innovative ultralow noise systems for the photonic, microwave/THz and electronic fields. The company from Atlantic France is planning to move to the industrial stage within one or two years. For now, the company distributes its devices to research laboratories related to quantum technologies.

The startup Silentsys offers solutions that are already considered very promising by various entities. The deep-tech company based in Le Mans manufactures high-tech solutions which are especially used in quantum computing, metrology and encrypted communications. 

High performance systems with a reduced footprint

Nowadays, there is a growing need for ultra stable laser sources for many emerging industrial and laboratory applications, such as those related to quantum technologies. 

Silentsys aims to fill this gap by providing industry and scientific research with innovative ultra-low noise systems covering photonic, microwave/THz and electronic modules that are compact and easy-to-use. These cutting-edge solutions are used in particular in quantum computing, metrology and cryptography. 

The startup works with big groups such as Nokia. Although the company has already penetrated the market, it hopes to expand its outlets by reducing the size of its products. 

A company with the Deeptech label

Launched after one year of development in Switzerland, the startup was founded in 2021 and is based in Le Mans. The young company is supported by Bpifrance as part of the Deeptech label. 

The startup plans to hire 2 to 3 people in 2023. Over the 18 months of its first financial year, it reported a turnover of €150,000, a figure which is intended to be doubled this year. 

A video introducing the Optical Frequency Discriminator (OFD) system, a turnkey laser frequency stabilisation module that can achieve line widths in the Hz range in a shoebox format : 

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