The renewable energy specialists NOTUS and wpd windmanager chose Atlantic France

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Two dynamic international companies, NOTUS and wpd windmanager, have just opened offices in the region of Nantes, Atlantic France. Both operate in the field of renewable energy and have German shareholders.

Atlantic France is a pioneering region for renewable energy, in particular in the marine environment. The Nantes – Saint-Nazaire hub is home to many industrial companies dedicated to the sector and has welcomed two new arrivals recently. Further proof that the region is a territory of excellence for new energies.

NOTUS: an office in Nantes for the Franco-German group operating wind and solar farms

Notus Energy was founded in 2001 in Potsdam, Germany. The company elaborates, builds and operates wind and solar farms. An independent power producer, the group has installed 1,420 MW of wind power and is currently developing farms representing over 7,000 MW of cumulated power in both wind and solar energy.

In 2018, a joint venture called Notus Energy France was created in Paris with the French company Omnes Capital. The company is growing fast and decided to open an office in Atlantic France. In partnership with Nantes – Saint-Nazaire développement, our economic development agency Solutions&co offered tailor-made support to the company to find premises and launch the first stage of the recruitment process. 

To start, six people will be installed in the business center Whoorks of Nantes, and the company is aiming for the team to be made up of more than 10 people within three years.

We chose to settle in Nantes for several reasons. First of all, the image of Nantes is very positive […], it is an attractive place for our employees which makes it possible to recruit committed employees. In addition, Nantes is located at the center of our activity. From here we are preparing and carrying out our projects for the Great West of France. Beyond that, I have the impression that the Nantes – Saint-Nazaire hub is one of the drivers of the energy transition of which we are part of.

Heinrich Lieser, Head of Notus Energy France

wpd windmanager: an agency in Vertou to manage over 20 wind farms in the West of France

wpd windmanager (400 employees) is a subsidiary of the German group WPD (more than 2,000 people in 20 countries and leader in onshore wind energy in Germany). Created in 1998, the company offers commercial and technical support for the management of wind and solar farms and is in charge of a total of 677 MW of power.

At the beginning of March, the group settled in Vertou (near Nantes) its second agency in France. A team of seven people is dedicated to the management of over 20 wind farms located between the New Aquitaine and Brittany. 

It seemed logical to get closer geographically to the farms for which we are in charge of the commercial and technical management. This prevents our employees at our headquarters in Arras from crossing France and allows us to offer better responsiveness to all of our customers. Being in Nantes also allows us to recruit specialized profiles, in particular for the visual inspection of wind turbines, or for operating engineers.

François Taraud, manager of the wpd windmanager agency in Vertou

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