Aeronautics and composites: Daher invests €7.5M to build its tech center Shap’In near Nantes

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Planned to be operational in October 2022, the new techcenter of Daher in Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu, Atlantic France, is named Shap’In. 1,600 square meters will be dedicated to innovation in aircraft components to address technical, economical and environmental challenges in this industry. 

Atlantic France is one of the first regions for Daher’s implantation in France. Home to the 2nd largest Airbus industrial hub in France, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire area has a strong expertise in the fields of aeronautics, advanced manufacturing and composite materials.

Daher develops aeronautical structural elements in composites, and in particular thermoplastic. This material is a game changer for the aeronautics industry: it allows the production of cheaper, lighter and tougher pieces than usual materials used for aircrafts. In addition, these parts can be recycled.

1,600 sqm dedicated to cutting-edge technology 

The Shap’In tech center is currently being built in Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu, near Nantes, close to the IRT Jules Verne and the EMC2 competitiveness cluster. By October 2022, the 1,600 sqm premises will be ready to welcome 160 Daher employees of which 80 will be devoted to R&D projects in the field of composites for aeronautics. 

The project represents an investment of €7.5 million and Daher has received important financial support from the modernisation funds of the aeronautics industry (€800,000), the national recovery plan France Relance and local public bodies. 

Shap’In illustrates our desire to deliberately project ourselves into the future and is the showcase of our technological know-how at the service of a cutting-edge French industry. Our capacity to develop disruptive technologies and their production processes will be considerably strengthened. We are giving ourselves the means to stay at the forefront of our sector, and to be one of the main players in carbon-free aviation of the future.

Didier Kayat, CEO of Daher

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