Energy of the future: we put a spotlight on Lhyfe, the sustainable hydrogen specialist

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We met Matthieu Guesné, the founder of the innovative company Lhyfe. The startup from Atlantic France produces sustainable hydrogen made with renewable energy. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Next summer, in Atlantic France, it will be possible to run a car, a bus or a truck emitting only water and no greenhouse gases. Even better: the production process of the sustainable hydrogen which will be used to replace gasoline emits oxygen instead of CO2!

This breakthrough innovation in ecomobility and renewable energy is led by Lhyfe. The startup is creating a green hydrogen industry in Atlantic France with strong support from regional companies and public authorities.

Lhyfe is a company that produces hydrogen. But not any kind of hydrogen, only sustainable hydrogen. We use electricity from windmills and we pour that electricity directly in a machine that produces hydrogen. And the only thing that is emitted by our factory is oxygen”, explains Matthieu Guesné, the founder and CEO of the startup.

Atlantic France has the perfect ecosystem for sustainable energy projects

In Atlantic France, we found an ecosystem that is totally unique: that is why Lhyfe has set up its R&D center, its production center and its R&D team here”, says Matthieu Guesné. 

The CEO of Lhyfe lists the advantages of Atlantic France for its business: “there are R&D centers, availability of all the sources of renewable energy to produce hydrogen, innovative companies, cities willing to work on sustainable programs… and also a great potential for the future in order to produce the hydrogen offshore.

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