Renewables: Ubby Energy smart storage solution makes solar powered homes self-sufficient

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The startup Ubby Energy, which is based near Nantes, has developed a smart electrical cabinet. This product, called Home Storage, allows individuals to store the energy produced by solar panels and make significant savings.

Solar panels mainly produce energy during the day time. In France and many other countries, excess production is sold back to the energy supplier, but at around half of the purchase price. 

To increase solar power auto-consumption and self-sufficiency, the engineer Hubert Marionneau has therefore created an electrical cabinet that manages and stores the energy produced by solar panels.

The Home Storage product is the size of a fridge and can both manage and store electricity. The company Ubby Energy, which was created in Atlantic France in 2020, offers tailor-made installation for the set up in individual homes, but also companies.

Massive savings on electricity bills

Installing a Home Storage at home costs between €21,000 and €37,000 (including solar panels, a storage cabinet and the installation), and the return on investment can be observed within eight to twelve years according to Ubby Energy.

The company has carried out tests in several houses in Atlantic France. When comparing the electricity bills, the savings are significant, despite the inflation of electricity costs: over a period of 1 year, a client in Nantes paid €240 and then sold €100 worth of the electricity back to the provider. The cost of power (excluding the base subscription) therefore represented €140 versus €1,000 last year!

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