Sailing: Seco Marine equips the Code 0.1 boat by Black Pepper with an electrification system

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A fully electric sailboat has been launched by two companies from Nantes, Atlantic France. The plug-and-play solution, developed by Seco Marine, was installed on the boat Code 0.1 of Black Pepper shipyard. 

Black Pepper Yachts builds elegant boats that encompass a vintage design. The company, which is located in Nantes, has 15 employees and initiated a partnership with Seco Marine, which is also based in Nantes. Seco Marine is part of the family-owned group Fetis, which was created in 1978 and employs over 500 people in France and abroad.

A 100% electric pilot boat made of carbon

Seco Marine specialises in propulsion and stabilisation solutions with the objective to support the energy transition by integrating electrical and hybrid solutions on ships. 

The company has invented an electrification system which can be installed on sailboats without requiring any structural change. The innovative solution is very compact and is equipped with a 48-volt, 10-kilowatt-hour battery pack. 

The system has been installed on the Code 0.1, a 1,100 kg and 10 metre long pilot boat, which is made of carbon and built by Black Pepper. It replaces the diesel engine, but also powers the inside of the boat and its electronics.

The future of sailing is being invented in Atlantic France

It’s time to act: the shipping industry accounts for around 2.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A land of marine expertise, Atlantic France is also a place of innovation in the field of sustainable transportation, and several companies are working on ambitious projects to reduce the environmental impact of ships, such as Airseas with its giant automated kites.

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