The local food delivery service Frères Toque stands out from global competitors

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Despite the arrival of global food delivery services such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo in its region, the food delivery platform Frères Toque keeps growing and expanding. Founded in Angers (Atlantic France) in 2015, the local company stands out from competitors by delivering healthy and high-quality meals. After establishing itself in Angers and Le Mans, it has just launched its services in Tours. 

The food delivery platform Frères Toque is growing fast and distinguishes itself from its competitors with a more ethical food delivery business working with local and high-quality restaurants located in the Atlantic France region. The company works with 80 restaurants and relies on 120 couriers. 

Frères Toque’s food delivery service arrives in Tours

After launching its food delivery services in Le Mans in 2019, the company founded in Angers in 2015 has just set up its activities in Tours. In the near future, the startup plans to expand its services to other towns in the Atlantic France region. 

After five years of development in Angers, it was time to expand our concept to other cities. Restaurant owners who were waiting for a high-quality delivery service made us feel very welcome. Some of them do not want to associate their image with Uber or Deliveroo.

Nicolas Dabin, Frères Toque PR manager, in the local press (

Since 2017, global delivery services UberEats and Deliveroo have established their activities in the main cities in Atlantic France. But the local startup manages to survive and grow thanks to its eco-responsible approach.

No fast-food, only meals from the top local restaurants

Frères Toque’s founders Louis Prezelin, Edouard Gonet and Maxime Blouineau strive to differentiate their services from the competition. Product quality is a key element of their strategy. Consequently, they only select independent restaurants that prepare locally-sourced and healthy food. 

Besides food quality, the startup supports a system of fair remuneration for their couriers. Unlike UberEats and Deliveroo, delivery-drivers are paid an hourly rate to which an extra is added for each delivery. 

The brand is focusing its strategy on the West of France and plans to open new facilities in Rennes and Nantes next year.

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