Renault & Stellantis: driving the automotive industry towards a sustainable future

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The automotive industry is experiencing a dynamic shift towards sustainability. In Atlantic France, two major players, Renault and Stellantis, are leading this transition with significant investments and innovative partnerships. Discover below how these companies are shaping the future of the industry in the region.

The Atlantic France region is home to a Renault manufacturing site located in Le Mans. It is dedicated to the production of chassis components and foundry parts for the entire group and has recently benefited from a €65 million investment. 

This investment includes a €53 million allocation towards a new laser-based process for the surface treatment of brake discs. The implementation of this technology will equip the factory with five new machine lines capable of producing parts that emit 3 times less dust during braking.

In addition to this, Renault’s Le Mans factory has announced the recruitment of 95 permanent employees during 2023 and 2024, of which there will be 70 operators and 25 technicians/engineers. 

A promising partnership between Stellantis and hydrogen specialist Lhyfe

Meanwhile, the automotive manufacturer Stellantis, the first in the world to mass-produce light hydrogen vehicles, has partnered with Lhyfe Heroes, a digital platform created by Nantes-based green hydrogen producer Lhyfe

This platform is designed for project initiators looking to move over to hydrogen or for those already in the process of the transition who are seeking to better equip themselves. These developments in the automotive industry in Atlantic France are indicative of the region’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

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