Which type of specification template should you use to formalise your business location project?

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Writing technical specifications is an essential step during the process of finding a future location for your business. Too often seen as a simple property project, setting up a new business is part of a real development strategy, both for the manager or entrepreneur and for the area concerned. By drawing up and distributing a set of specifications, all the odds will be in your favour to ensure the success of your project. Find out how to create this reference document step by step, and use our template to help you.

What kind of information should be included in the specifications?

First and foremost, the information needs to be arranged in a clear hierarchy, starting with the most general and ending with the most specific. Start by going over the context, ambitions, and objectives of your project, before detailing all your requirements under different headings that address all aspects of your business location strategy.

List – clearly and concisely – all the needs and constraints associated with your project:

  • characteristics of the desired location and accessibility criteria
  • consideration of your market and its stakeholders
  • functional requirements and technical specifications of the future building
  • resources and skills required
  • timeline and budget

Don’t forget that these specifications are intended to be distributed to the people who will be responsible for helping you find the ideal site. This document must therefore be readable and understandable for everyone.

Download our template to help you write your specification model for your business location project

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Who should the specifications be distributed to?

Once the specifications have been approved, the next step is to communicate and distribute them. To help you with your search, local contacts who know the area and its ecosystem inside out are available to save you valuable time and offer you a selection of sites that perfectly match your requirements.

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