Open Lande: a resource to support projects with a positive impact on the territory

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Created in 2018, installed in Nantes in September 2020 and in Angers in March 2021, Open Lande is a community of talents that is developing projects to “repair the Earth” and to raise awareness about climate issues among professionals. The Open Lande ecosystem (both an association and a company) supports all projects related to ecological transition; whether you are a company, a territory or a project leader.

A factory of evolutionary projects to foster the emergence of a regenerative economy

A “regenerative economy” aims to restore ecosystems and take care of women and men. Climate, biodiversity, resources, job creation, inclusion and human rights… Open Lande helps organisations and individuals take action to create a positive impact by providing a range of knowledge and tools.

Open Lande provides team awareness and mobilisation, training, advice and support, but also coworking spaces with a multi-use room that hosts conferences and exhibitions, and is also an incubator of positive impact projects.

An open source model to spread in other French cities

Housing, real estate, food, energy, digital; in Nantes, the hybrid structure Open Lande works on such diverse and varied subjects. This leads them to integrate environmental and societal transformation and innovation in moments of economic challenge for a territory or a company.

The young company is now developing its model in open source so that other communities can benefit from it in other French cities: Angers since last March, Bayonne, Lorient, Drôme soon and others to come.

Open Lande Factories are based on 3 pillars :

  • A community of more than 500 professionals and experts in ecological impact
  • Places to train, create and undertake projects
  • An ambitious and motivating transformation program, providing a measurable impact: 100% concrete, 0% greenwashing

Since the launch of Open Lande:


people have been sensitised and mobilised


professionals have been trained


projects have been supported

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