Allo-Media uses speech recognition and AI to detect Covid-19 symptoms

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Photo by Petr Macháček on Unsplash

Allo-Media is participating in the development of the innovative service AlloCOVID. The speech analysis technology elaborated in Atlantic France by the IT company allows Covid-19 symptoms to be recognized over a telephone conversation.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, French people can call a hotline called AlloCOVID. 1,000 conversational bots are answering the phone calls 24/7. Their mission is to ask a series of questions in order to evaluate the situation and provide individualised information to potential Covid-19 patients.

This pre-diagnosis service is being developed by the public research organisation Inserm, e.Voyageurs SNCF (the national railway company´s digital taskforce), and Allo-Media. The company’s R&D lab is based in Le Mans (Sarthe), close to the Laboratoire d’informatique de l’Université du Mans (Lium)

Vocal cookies and analysis of the respiratory rate

Allo-Media is an expert in automatic natural language recognition and speech analytics. The  machine learning technology of the company tracks, transcribes, segments and analyses oral conversations. The “vocal cookies” generated are then transformed into valuable data to highlight key indicators.

In the case of AlloCOVID, the company from Atlantic France is developing an AI which is notably able to detect Covid-19 symptoms over the phone by measuring the cough and respiratory rate. This allows the conversational bot to make real time smart decisions and to shorten the path to receive medical care.

Technology for innovative healthcare solutions

Winner of several awards, Allo-Media has exported its technology to the USA and works for global players such as Allianz, Cdiscount, EDF and Total. The AlloCOVID project could pave the way for the development of specific solutions in the health sector. The company is, for example, working on an innovative monitoring system for kidney transplant patients.

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