Logistics: LivingPackets is investing €6 million to boost the development of its smart packaging box

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LivingPackets has invented an innovative solution to avoid hundreds of millions of packaging waste. The start-up from Atlantic France has opened offices abroad and is expanding its production capacity with major investments: €1.1 million in 2020 and €5 million in 2021. 

Created in 2016 in Nantes, Atlantic France, LivingPackets is a French start-up with an expertise in cutting-edge and secure solutions for smart deliveries. The high-tech business has invented a connected, secure and reusable type of packaging named THE BOX. 

A new method to deliver packages fostering circular economy

The European Parliament directives will obligate businesses to cease single use packaging by 2030. THE BOX developed by LivingPackets is exclusive intelligent packaging, nearly endlessly reusable, produced in expanded polypropylene (an insulating material well-known for being lightweight, and for its optimal resistance and high stability). 

Equipped with a camera, sensors to take note of the temperature or humidity and a screen to replace the traditional delivery label, one box can be used for 1,000 deliveries with its integrated battery. 

More than €6 million investment to multiply production by 10

In december 2020, LivingPackets invested €1.1M to expand and hasten the development of its packaging. In 2021, the company decided to invest €5 million extra to expand its premises from 400 sqm to 2,000 sqm, create a showroom and add production modules (which were developed in Nantes with Europe Technologies). The production capacity will reach 1 million boxes per year versus 100,000 in 2020. 

In five years, the company has grown to over 80 employees and opened offices in Germany and Switzerland. LivingPackets received an innovation award at the CES 2021 in the “sustainability, eco-design and smart energy” category and recently entered Showroomprivée’s incubator “Look Forward”

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