LivingPackets, Shopopop and Pickme: 3 startups from Atlantic France which are reinventing delivery

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Like other sectors, the delivery industry is changing quickly. Three startups from Atlantic France are developing innovative solutions to make delivery smart, green and collaborative. Introducing LivingPackets, Shopopop and Pickme.

LivingPackets, a smart and secured packaging solution

LivingPackets is a subsidiary of the Swiss group PA.Cotte. The startup led by Alexander Cotte invented “THE BOX”, a connected, secure and zero-waste packaging solution. Two years of R&D were necessary to develop the product which is protected by many patents. 

Eco-friendly packaging

THE BOX can replace cardboard boxes, but also filling materials such as bubble wrap. The environmental impact could be huge: the company highlights that 700 million trees are destroyed each year for packaging and that 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans!

High-tech monitoring and tracking

Thanks to the IoT, each item can be tracked. The parcel integrates a battery, a camera and several sensors allowing its state to be monitored  all the way. LivingPackets also stores the transactions and all the information on the delivery in an encrypted logistics blockchain.

A free product that can be used 1,000 times

Each parcel of LivingPackets can hold 2 to 32 liters. They will be proposed for free, because the business model will be based on the related services. The manufacturing of one box will cost 100 times more than a cardboard box, but the company claims its product could be used up to 1,000 times before being recycled. 

Toward mass production

After experimenting its reusable packaging solution with CDiscount and Orange last year, LivingPackets has launched a profit-sharing crowdfunding operation and is planning to start mass production soon. With the support of the Nantes-based group Europe Technologies, the company designed a semi-automated production line which will be installed this summer. 100,000 units will be manufactured in the first year and LivingPackets expects to increase this figure by building partnerships with other industrials.  

Shopopop, collaborative last mile delivery 

Founded in 2015, the startup from Atlantic France Shopopop specializes in last mile delivery. The company led by Antoine Cheul and Johan Ricaut works a bit like Uber: when someone needs a package to be delivered, the order is transmitted to the “shopopers” in the area and one of them picks the parcel up to deliver it. 

Thanks to the service, online buyers can be delivered in less than 3 hours for a reasonable price (starting from €6). On the other hand, individuals can earn extra money by making a stop on their way to work, for example.

Shopopop is growing fast and has raised €7 million funds since 2018. In January, €4 million were raised by different investors which included Pays de la Loire Participations (Atlantic France’s public investment fund). The service is now used by over 320,000 people and more than 1,000 shops.

PickMe, neighbouring collection points 

Around 25% of first parcel deliveries fail because no one is there to receive it. The startup PickMe, cofounded by Jessie Toulcanon from Nantes in 2019, offers to solve the problem with collection points in each neighbourhood. When buying online, the user can choose directly from the e-merchant’s website which neighbour will receive their package, based on information such as their geolocation and how other users rated their service.

PickMe estimates that neighbours accepting to collect parcels for others can earn up to €500 a month without having to move from their home. They can also meet more people from their neighbourhood and have an impact on global warming by avoiding unnecessary journeys: parcel delivery is responsible for 25% of urban pollution!

The startup is currently recruiting its neighbours community. The mobile app will be launched shortly, and the company is in advanced contact with e-merchants and carriers.

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