Industry 4.0: The heat pump specialist Saunier Duval is investing €10 million in Atlantic France

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After acquiring Saunier Duval in 2001, the Germany-based company Vaillant, a global player with 12,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of €2.5 billion, is investing €10 million in Nantes, Atlantic France, a region known for its manufacturing expertise

Saunier Duval products are designed and manufactured in France. In 2020, the company  experienced a 10% growth in its turnover and increased its manufacturing capacity by 38%. 

For the second year, the Atlantic France-based manufacturer is France’s largest producer of heat pumps. 70% of Saunier Duval’s production is exported to 27 countries and 90% of this is heat pumps. 

In Nantes, an assembly site labelled “industry of the future”

The company recently announced a €10 million investment at its industrial site in Nantes. By 2022, the product lines are expected to go from 3 to 5. This steady growth has led to the recruitment of 155 new employees with 50 more expected to be employed during 2021. 

This success is the outcome of a strong production capacity paired with a clear understanding of the client’s needs. The assembly site in Nantes maintains a yearly production of 340.000 units and was labelled “industry of the future” in 2007.

Ground-breaking technology addressing sustainable development

Saunier Duval is taking part in addressing environmental issues: five years ago, only 6% of their products used renewable energy. Today, items powered by renewable energy lead to 25% of the company’s production and in turn 40% of the turnover.

The company develops highly efficient technology for gas water boilers, solar panels and heat pumps such as the Helioconcept, a pressurized solar solution developed for all installation constraints. 

When it comes to heat pumps, aerothermy can save up to 50% on the average heating bill. In addition, it can reduce carbon emissions by 80% and has a seasonal efficiency rating which is three times better than that of an oil-fired boiler.

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