Industry 4.0: Mecaspin (Fideip group) invents automatic threaders for electric cables

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Automation is key in the transformation towards the industry of the future. The start-up Mecaspin, subsidiary of the group from Vendée Fideip, has developed innovative machines for electrical wiring professionals.

The electrical wiring of a building requires passing many cables through sheaths. In order to simplify this operation, the start-up Mecaspin from Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, Atlantic France, sells machines that can do the task automatically.

This represents many advantages, and not only the gain in productivity. For example, using a machine reduces potential mistakes and allows precious copper wire to be saved thanks to better accuracy. In addition, the machine improves working conditions by avoiding musculoskeletal disorders.

The growth of a start-up supported by the strength of a group

Mecaspin was founded in early 2020, just before the pandemic began. But this did not prevent success: the company has already sold several dozen of its automatic threaders and the annual turnover is close to €1 million. 

The start-up benefits from belonging to the group Fideip, created in Vendée in 2000. The group is made up of a dozen complementary companies in the field of industrial automation and has a yearly turnover of €50 million.

Atlantic France, the right place to find industrial partners

Mecaspin is located in a land of industry and can rely on local providers in many fields such as boilermaking, laser cutting, steel welding, etc. “In Vendée, we benefit from a high level of reliability and responsiveness and from a habit of working together”, said Thomas Lavallée, Executive Managing Director, when speaking to the French newspaper Les Echos

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