Healthcare: Hera-MI, artificial intelligence to improve breast cancer diagnosis

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The Nantes-based startup Hera-MI has developed Breast-SlimView, an innovative solution for mammography which allows to better detect breast cancers. The company launched a subsidiary in the United States last June and is expecting a quick international expansion.

Hera-MI got its name from Hera, the Greek goddess of the life of women, and MI which stands for medical imaging. The company created in Nantes (Atlantic France) in 2017 offers a clinical decision support software based on AI and dedicated to breast cancer diagnosis.

A solution to detect breast cancer at an early stage and speed up medical analysis

Each year, breast cancer affects 2 million women in the world. But if the disease is detected early enough, the remission rate is close to 90%. Diagnosis has been improved over the last years, in particular with the apparition of 3D mammography, but new technologies are also complicating the radiologists work because they have to analyse about 40 times more images than 30 years ago.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence to help examine the data, the software Breast-SlimView developed by Hera-MI is allowing the quality and the accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis to be improved while decreasing radiologists’ interpretation time.

Aiming for a quick international development

Hera-MI is already being distributed worldwide thanks to a scientific and sales partnership with the global leader Fujifilm and its product obtained the CE mark in November 2019. 

The company has created a subsidiary in the United States, Hera-MI Corp, and has also been selected to join the support program of the Houston Accelerator MassChallenge. A second American office will therefore be created there soon, and the company is aiming to set up collaborative scientific projects with imaging centers in Texas.

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