Atlantic France’s Impact Program: international expansion gateway for ambitious businesses

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Atlantic France is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and international companies looking to grow in Europe. Our Impact Program stands out as a vital proposition, as it offers free and tailor-made support to the leaders of international startups who want to bring their ideas to fruition in France. This initiative facilitates the integration of innovative companies and their development in the region.

The Impact Program is a unique opportunity in France that focuses on helping companies to improve their business operations. With the motto “secure your investment, boost your growth”, the program aims to accelerate scalability by facilitating access to local partnerships, supply chains and talent in Atlantic France.

Atlantic France is an ideal location for innovative companies, manufacturing experts and ambitious businesses. It’s a pivotal focal point in Europe, inviting entrepreneurs and global companies to explore expansion opportunities.

A program to boost your success

With features such as fast access to business partners and the opening of financing options within less than 72 hours, the program addresses and reduces bureaucratic challenges and friction, enabling accelerated market access. It also helps companies overcome language, administrative and cultural barriers, find suitable premises and recruit top talent.

All in all, joining the Impact Program presents a significant opportunity for leaders of international startup and scaleup companies to grow and have a notable impact on the region. This is made possible through free, tailored, and confidential support

A dynamic business ecosystem

Home to more than 1100 international companies, including industrial giants such as Thyssenkrupp, Airbus, Howmet Aerospace and Porsche SE, the Atlantic France business ecosystem spans several sectors, from aeronautics to industry 4.0 and marine renewables. Supported by 10 innovation clusters and major investment in R&D, it offers a fertile environment for business scalability.

More than just a business hub, Atlantic France has consistently demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and innovation. It offers entrepreneurs business opportunities as well as the chance to contribute to the community and the environment.

We have already witnessed many successful establishments seamlessly integrate into the region, with their businesses flourishing. Will your company be the next on the list? 

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